About me

I'm a man with transgender background who was failed by professionals. I'm seeking a more rational approach to resolve gender dysphoria.

Embracing effeminacy and smashing gender stereotypes since 2022.

   the quality of being effeminate
   having feminine qualities untypical of a man, not manly in appearance or manner

I’m a gender abolitionist. I completely abolished the concept of gender — including ‘gender identity’ and ‘transgender’. Don’t make your personality traits about ‘gender’. You are you, and not some ‘gender’. You are good the way you are. Gender is harmful and restricts people in their freedom of expression. Continuing defending these beliefs is called ‘gender essentialism’. Gender identity is arguably just a reformulation of gender essentialism.

I believe in dysphoria and that someone might want to medically transition to ease their psychological stress, but let’s not make this about ‘gender identity’. We already had a term for that — ‘transsexuality’. I started to use this term again.

‘sex’ and ‘gender’ aren’t interchangeable terms. ‘sex’ is material reality and immutable, transsexuals know this. ‘gender’ is socially constructed, often oppressive, expectations we have enforced onto women and men. We can break out of these expectations, and we should break out of them.

You can not change your sex. This is just wishful thinking. I had the very same wishful thinking in the past. Starting a transition with this mindset is going to horrible fail, trust me. You need to understand the limitations of transition before undergoing this path. You need to acknowledge the brutal reality behind a transition. You need to be mentally stable first. You need to engage in long-term therapy and resolve other problems first. Transition, while you are mentally unwell, is a recipe for disaster and regret. Try out alternatives first. Don’t obsess over transition as the only possible solution to your dysphoria.